Thursday, November 7, 2013

It Qualifies!

I spent the greater portion of my morning cleaning my house.  It has to be done once in awhile.  Also, I have company coming for a few days.  Can't let it be known that I live like a slob most of the time.  I also had to mop up the hawk poo on my living room floor.  That took up most of the day.  Rich ran an errand up almost to the Cities, picking up a piece of furniture from a recent auction.  When he got home we pushed and squeezed a "new" loveseat through the doors and downstairs, then packed up the birds and headed out for a little hawkin.

I flew Wasp first, with the hope to kick up something so he starts to get an idea of what we are up to.  He followed well enough, and did get "entered" today . . . on a couple mice.  "Entered" is what we call it when they have caught a particular kind of prey in the wild.  He knows what mice are . . . I've fed him several, both alive and dead.  We did kick up some rabbits, but he doesn't seem to know quite what those are.  He got some good exercise, he caught and ate some good food, and at the end of the day he came to the lure and was returned safe to his box, and eventually to his mews.  They may be humble quarry, but they do qualify.  After all, he's a fairly small hawk.  I may fly him free sometime soon with Sassy, when she is hunting rabbits.  She can hopefully show him what the game is really about.
Next we flew Sassy.  We were at Byron again, as we have yet to fully walk that entire location.  I must say, the rabbit population there is fantastic.  We'll be able to visit it several time this year, I'm sure.  We kicked up a whole heck of a lot of bunnies for her.  She was not well placed for most of the slips.  Eventually, as we headed back to leave, as the sun was going down, we kicked up a rabbit which went on a long run.  Sassy was up a particularly tall tree, and well placed, and stooped with speed towards her prize . . . which was brought to the bag.  This makes bunny #3 for Sassy for this season.  Rich caught my picture above in the fading light.  I look tired!  I am tired!  I had cleaned house most of the day . . . and now was chasing hawks through thick cover.

I posed the picture below.

The End of the Day . . . A Good Day Hawking

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