Thursday, November 28, 2013

What Am I Thankful For?

Today is Thanksgiving.  It is a day which means many things to many people here in the United States, but mostly a time to come together with your family, friends and loved ones and to celebrate the abundance in our lives.  Rich and I are both off today from work, for which I am thankful we both have meaningful employment, and gathered with his family to feast.  I brought a sweet potato casserole which I made this morning from fresh sweet potatoes to add to the other traditional fare.  The food was delicious, and the company always appreciated.  I am thankful that my life path brought me to inclusion in a loving family.  I am fortunate in the second half of my life to have found Rich, and to be accepted into his clan.  I am thankful for my wonderful husband, who is the best companion I could have wished for.  I am thankful that despite the political rancor that is present in our country today, we still live in a peaceful and plentiful society, where for the most part we can go about our daily activities in safety, and freedom.

I contacted my sisters today to wish them well on this day when we express our gratitude.  My own family of birth is far away, and my beloved mother is gone now, yet when I saw this picture below and selected it to post, I see my mother's face in my own.  I miss you mom!  I look now as she did when I was in high school.
After we all pushed away from our plates, and some people began moving upstairs to catch some football, Rich and I slipped away for a little hawking.  Sassy was quite ready to go, and we were not far from one of the places I like to hunt, but which I had not visited this year yet.  Our time in the woods was brief, with Sassy catching but losing one squirrel as it crashed to the ground through some tree branches, but then pursuing a different one a few minutes later, and bringing that one to the bag.  This is #7 head of game for the year.  We've not been pushing as hard this year, as last year, but still having a good time.  I am thankful for being able to work with such a wonderful game hawk, and that this activity is legal in our country.
It was a relatively warm day, compared to what we have had recently.  I probably could have even flown Wasp, except he was just too heavy to fly today.  I fed Sassy up on what was in my pocket, and let her have the warm, tasty parts from her squirrel.  We then returned to the family gathering . . . for pie.

It is a good holiday, to stop and take time to reflect on the positives in our lives.  I truly have abundance, which I recognize, and always acknowledge a deep appreciation for.

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