Saturday, December 21, 2013

I've Got a Cast!

Flying my birds this winter has been difficult.  It was all in the news and chat everywhere the impact of the "Polar Vortex".  What it has meant for me is that my flying days are severely limited.  Sassy can fly in the mid to high 20s, but Wasp just shuts down.  In the lower 20s neither one wants to fly.  Those rare days in the 30s, that I'm not working, have to be taken advantage of.  These pictures are from just such a rare day.

Justin joined me, and brought along Eric Rain, a young man who may eventually become a falconer.  Eric is a Veteran who spent some of his military years in my old home town, El Paso.  He also was fortunate enough to meet one of the few falconers who lives there. 

We started by flying my two beasts at one of my very favorite spots.  We had lots of flushes, and eventually Sassy got serious and caught a bunny.  Of special note here . . . Sassy let Wasp join her on the kill with no aggression.  That was my goal!  Now if I could just get more warm days, I'd like for Wasp to get more experience.

Here is our little hunting group for the day.  Rich is behind the camera.
A quick pose after the hunt.  We then packed it all up and went to get some lunch.
After lunch we flew Justin's bird.  She's a great bird, and has a great falconer to fly her.
On this particular day she caught a bunny and a squirrel.  This was also #77 head count for the year.

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