Tuesday, January 14, 2014


I'll get back out here very soon.  I have lots of updates to post, and attended the Minnesota Falconers Mini-Meet this last weekend.  However, I also have a lot of personal stuff on my "plate" right now that are taking priority.  So . . . enjoy this very nice pic of Wasp.  We had a golden, nice day yesterday and got both birds out to fly and hunt.  We just brought a bunch of voles to the bag . . . er . . . crop . . . as none made it home between the two birds.  This is a nice pic of Wasp that Rich took while we were poking around the back farm field.  Such a lovely little guy!!

Note to Self . . . when flying the two birds together, and when one of them catches a small rodent, don't let them join each other in the 'feast'.  We did experience some crabbing over the small packets of food, with Wasp being an absolute brat, plucking some of Sassy's feathers, and Sassy getting tired of this treatment, and grabbing him around the throat.  Kinda funny afterwards, now that I know he's OK, but not so much at the time.   

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