Friday, February 21, 2014


As I write this, I should be at work!  We can't get out of our street to get onto the main road that runs by our house.  The morning news said we got 6.5 inches of snow overnight here in St. Charles.  The wind moved it all into the roadways, drifted up to make them impassable.

Here is Rich, standing in the middle of Sinclair Rd.  This view is facing South.  That's a 3.5 ft drift, which goes on for quite a distance.  Anyone living further down our road is going NOWHERE anytime soon.
Here is Sinclair facing North.  This is where we got stuck this morning at 4:30 as we tried to make it into work.  Rich's Dodge Diesel 2500 4X drive truck couldn't break through.  He ended up having to get his snow thrower out of the garage to free up the tires so he could back up into the driveway, and then garage. 
The front of my house, my porch.  This was all clear yesterday.

Hopefully a plow will come by soon on Sinclair so we can get out . . . and go to work!

A little later in the morning we even had a snowmobiler get stuck in the snow in front of our house.  It's deep!
Below is a video we recorded while we waited to be able to get out to go to work.  This was proof of how bad the blizzard was for us.

And this is what it took to clear the path . . . so we could go to work.

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