Saturday, February 15, 2014

Sue, New Falconer

This is Sue.  I met her through Karla at the Houston Nature Center a couple years ago.  I introduced her to Dave.  Sue is an avid birder, but she has also found falconry to be very interesting to her.  Dave agreed to train her.  Here she is with her first hawk, a bit of a late trapped bird, who of course did not face the camera when I took this picture, or otherwise blinked.  She has named him Pazil.  This picture was taken at the Wisconsin Falconers Meet held on the weekend of February 8 ~ an exhausting slog through deep snow to try to find bunnies that were tucked in deep.  Rich and I attended but didn't bring or fly any birds.  It would have been too cold anyway.  At the time of the meet Pazil had not yet been entered, but I did receive a call today where Sue shared that finally a bunny was flushed under him and he caught it.  This makes her truly a falconer, one who has caught wild game with a trained raptor.  Congratulations Sue!

Previous to the meet, Rich and I had met up with Sue one afternoon to beat brush for her.  Rich caught this very pretty call down.  Some of the best experiences in falconry are to see the 'air artistry' of our birds up close and personal.

I'll have to get a good picture of Pazil so I can share it here.

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