Wednesday, February 25, 2015


On this late Winter day the girls went with me and Rich on a trip up North of the Cities to meet an Internet fan. Sassy posed nicely for a lovely and inspiring picture.  She's such a lovely girl, and so nice to fly.  Unfortunately, Spring is right around the corner, and over the Summer she becomes a very moody thing. Today she was a joy . . . even if we didn't find anything to hunt.
CC also came along and only impressed with her beauty and size, for the winds picked up on this day and she came the closest to flying away that she has attempted. I retrieved her, after having to follow across a road and into a neighborhood, and after a little convincing her to come down from her high perch. Soon, very soon, she will be allowed to fly as far away as she pleases. I have decided to not keep her for another season, and to give her back her freedom. She has been nice to handle, and has a good temperament, but is not as aggressive in the field as I would like, and also, frankly, just misses way too many good slips. Soon, she can spend all day looking for those perfect slips, without me.

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