Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The Big Chomp

A little while ago . . . the days just sorta blur together so I don't always remember . . . it dawned a clear and not too cold day. Rich and I got out for awhile with Sassy, whose hunting days have been limited due to the very extreme cold we have been having. It has not been as snowy this winter as last year, but for the last month or more we've been having quite a few below zero days and high winds. Sassy needs at least 20s to be able to fly.
We took her to a little patch I discovered this year, and from which she got one of her first rabbits. Prospects didn't look that good, but after a bit of a walk Rich noticed a squirrel. With a little encouragement, Sassy noticed it too. When she brought this tree rat to the bag, it looks like it has been plucking fur off it's belly, so may have been getting prepared for babies. Well, instead we had it for dinner a day later. For her part, Sassy got one of the worst bites she has ever gotten while in my care. It bled rather profusely for awhile, but with pressure, and then cleaning when we got home, it has healed up. I gave her several days off after to heal . . . and besides, it was so cold I would not have been able to fly her anyway.

This was her first squirrel for the season, and #11 head of game. I don't have the haul of bodies in my freezer than some folks I know, but I am flying my girls as much as I can, and catching things.

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