Monday, August 31, 2015

Baby Goats and a Baby German Shepard

There have been several stork deliveries here at our home.  I'll share some pictures, and some videos.

First, my two mamma goats had their babies.

Oreo, my most bossy goat, gave birth to twins.  The little black and white one is almost a "mini-me" to her mamma.  The all black baby was a little smaller than it's sister.  They are both female.  They are more appropriately called doelings.

Oreo is a good, protective mamma.  Her babies are growing strong on her milk.

My other mamma goat, Macaroon, only had a single baby, also a girl.  She's a bit fluffier than the other two, and has all her mamma's milk to her own.

Macaroon is a little bit more of a tidy mother, licking her baby clean more frequently than Oreo does with her babies.

They are all quite charming to be around.  We are holding and petting the babies often so they will hopefully become friendly goats.  Their mammas are rather stand-offish, unless you have some tasty goat treats.

The other "baby" that has arrived here is not exactly a baby, but it is a young animal.

We brought home our new German Shepard puppy.

I have named her Gryphon!

Shhhhhhhh . . . . the puppy is sleeping!  That's a good thing, for otherwise she is just a biting ball of energy.  Just ask Monty!

I'll post more on her . . . later!

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