Sunday, September 6, 2015

Gryphon . . . by Barbara O'Brien Photography

On Sunday, July 30th Rich and I went up to a suburb of the Cities, Woodbury, to an open house for the All Breed Obedience and Behavior School.  We took Gryphon with us.  Barbara O'Brien, a wonderful photographer who did a photo shoot of my hawks a few years ago was conducting an open audition for any dogs that came to the event.  Gryphon got her chance, and Barbara has kindly allowed me permission to post a few of the pictures.

All of the following images are Copyright 2015@Barbara Obrien, and may not be used without her permission.  Go visit her website at:

She is particularly skilled at capturing images of animals.

I like this action shot best of all!

Here is a nice close-up.

Itchy!    Gryphon has not gotten used to having to wear a harness.

Final picture, she's sitting nice and looking cute, showing off her wickedly sharp little puppy fangs.

I look forward to watching this girl grow up.  I look forward to her being fully house-trained (as I just took a quick break to clean up a puppy puddle).

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