Thursday, November 17, 2011

Farm Art

Sometime in the unknown past year or two Richard went to a farm auction, and found this really unique piece of metal.  He did auction battle with a junk man, and placed the winning bid on what he thinks was the bottom to an old furnace.  He saw potential in this large and heavy chunk of metal, and here is the end result.  He brought it home, and it sat idle for a long while.  Then he got busy and sanded and primed it, then delivered to a friend, a co-worker of his, who has made several artistic creations based on photography that both Rich and I have taken with my various birds. 
It combines two themes which are representative of our union.  For me, the kestrel is a significant animal which I much admire, and always enjoy spotting in the wild.  I had a kestrel as a falconry bird once, and plan to do so again, some day.  For Richard, tractors have always been favored objects of utility, and of function, and dare I even say, beauty?  The tractor painted above is a 1940 Farmall H, Rich's own personal tractor.  When I first came to the farm, after meeting his family, I met the tractor.  It lives in one of the many barns, and comes out once in awhile to make hay.

The artist is Karen Lewis, and she is available for commission work.  If you click her name you will be directed to her own web page.  Eventually I envision this lovely work sitting outside our front door, welcoming friends to our home.

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