Thursday, November 10, 2011


Today Richard and I and the Harris Hawk made a trip to Rochester to meet up with some friends there, have some yummy Indian food for lunch, and fly the bird.  I've been calling her Sassy Pants, or just Sassy, and it seems to be sticking.  I like this girl!  She is so nice, for a hawk, but she's a tough girl and hunts too.  Today we worked a favorite spot along a RR track in Byron, and within 20 minutes, and about the third bunny flush, she caught this bunny.  She's had two other catches of squirrels lately, scraping them off their branch and bringing them to the ground, but they were big gray squirrels that kicked her off.  She's chased several others.  She has heart . . . and I'm having a good time with her.  When we arrived to Rochester we had to make a quick stop due to some of our cargo shifting, and when we stopped there were some city crows milling about.  I'm told this girl will hunt crows, so I had to pick up a guide to find out when they can be hunted.  We missed the fall season, but it will pick up again in the spring, so I just might have to do some car hawking with her.  Soon it will probably be too cold to hunt her . . . . so the new bird is being groomed and will be ready.

New Bird??

Yes . . . soon I'll have the Coming Out Party for my new Red Tailed Hawk.  Come visit again.

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