Thursday, November 17, 2011

Sassy Strikes Again

On Tuesday, November 15 I met up with my girlfriend, Patti, for a little shopping, a little hawking, and lunch.  Rich came along . . . he doesn't mind tagging along with the girls.  We are planning another get together soon, and will run to the Mall of America for the holidays.  Rich will be our driver, 'cuz it's more fun that way, and also in case we wanna drink.

But anyways . . . . this was the first time Patti has seen me hawking.  I even let her hold briefly my bird, as she is such a sweetie.  We flew Sassy, and she performed stellar, catching her second bunny in quick order.  Patti didn't see the actual catch, well, none of us did, as it happened at the bottom of a fairly steep slope.  Rich got some pictures, but it recorded onto his internal memory on his camera, and we can't find the 'fire wire' to transfer.  A new one is on the way, mail order, so I'll have new pics when that arrives.  We also flew free very briefly the new girl.  She is doing well.  Her 'coming out' post is next.

**** UPDATE****

Firewire arrived . . . here are a couple more pictures from that day.

A nice bunny catch
Getting wing whapped

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