Sunday, May 13, 2012

Another Rare White Bird

It's a terribly dinky picture taken with my cell phone . . . but proof of another rare white bird.

I was spending a day headed to Madison for Farmer's Market, and a day of shopping with my girlfriend.  I stopped by Dave's home on the way to give him "payment" for his kind gift of bells which I brought to the Minnesota Falconer's Game Dinner.  He now has an assortment of Spring Grove Pop, as well as an assortment of dark stout beers, his favorite.  While leaving his home and headed over to my girlfriend's, I saw one of the rare Whooping Cranes foraging for some breakfast in one of the fields.  I used to live in that area, and around there spotting a Whooper is not such a rare happening, as the Necedah Wildlife Refuge is the location where many have been trained to follow an ultra-light, and to where many of the adults are now returning.  If interested, here is the blog of the organization that is working with these most endangered birds:

Operation Migration

I didn't have my camera along . . . and certainly didn't have my spotting scope, thus it is not a very great picture.  Still proof . . . I did see one yesterday.

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