Monday, May 14, 2012


After lunch we checked the other boxes.  The one placed in the back fields showed the following:
Those are kestrel eggs.  We did not see any kestrel exit as we drove up, but I did see a bird, a small falcon, circling around the area as we set up the ladder and looked inside.

The third box which is installed on Olga's farm was empty.

That makes 2 out of 3 of the boxes kept on the land that Rich's dad and brother farm being used by the target species for which they were put up.

We went up town and checked with Dr. Gray, the retired veterinarian here in Spring Grove.  We gave him a box last year, as he expressed his enthusiasm for kestrels.  With his permission, we checked on the box we had given him, and which he had mounted out in the country.  It had the following:
Yep . . . those are starling babies.  Dr. Gray does not care for them, so with his permission we will probably come back in a week and pull those babies.  They will make tasty, fat hawk food.

I have registered my boxes, and Richard and I will monitor them.  Within the week perhaps we will have the chance to see what Laurie's box is doing, if anything. 

Come back and visit soon.  I hope to have pictures of kestrel eyases soon!

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