Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Viking Getaway

Would you like to get away with someone special for an interesting evening or weekend? Or, would you like to experience something unique and fun? Then perhaps you should go visit the Nordic Inn in Crosby, Minnesota.
If you link over to the web page you can read all about how it came into being far better than I can describe here. It is an old converted church.  A lot of work has gone into the conversion.  Currently the gardens are being worked on, improved, to grow many of the vegetables and fruits which will be incorporated into the meals.
When you arrive, you will be greeted by your host, Steinarr. In his absence, you will not fail to come to the notice of Thor, his very affectionate Great Dane. If you pull on the chain at the door, a ram's horn doorbell will announce your presence.
The Viking Brew and Bed is the realized dream of a very unique person. Here he poses with his mother, who visited the next morning. She was instrumental in creating many of the decorations and wall hangings which give the Inn a very authentic atmosphere.  I failed to take a picture the previous evening when Steinarr had his Viking tunic on, handing over the bar the honey mead he has brewed himself. 
If quick delivery of bawdy humor from a pun master is not your cup of tea, then the Nordic Inn may not be for you. However, if you enjoy going to the Rennaissance Festival, have an open mind, perhaps a thespian heart, and are willing to experience something out of the ordinary, then I highly recommend you come visit. If you have many friends, there is a weekend murder mystery and feast that can be experienced. Richard and I had Steinarr all to ourselves, as we visited during the middle of the week. The food was hearty, and came in very large proportions.  It was an enjoyable and unique experience.
We had rented the Odin's Loft, which occuplies the top floor of this converted church.  Here is the staircase leading up to it.
Half the room is occuplied by half a Viking longship.  It reaches out over open space, supported by an intricately carved beam below.  A king-sized bed is positioned in the middle of the ship . . . and even though there is a very open, very non-private feel to the positioning of the bed, and this half of the suite, it is actually quite well designed, and private.  It's truly the best room in the house!
Here Richard stands at the end of the longship, with the customary dragon's head mast.  It overlooks the main room of the Inn, the bar and the fireplace, collectively called Asgard. 
Tucked behind Odin's Loft is a private bathroom, complete with the largest bathtub/hottub in the place. The other two themed rooms have a bathtub/hottub as well, but this one was the largest.  Oh, and in case you noticed below, as I did, the plastic liner looking a bit dingy, that is just a trick of the camera and lighting.  All was clean and well maintained.  Many of Steinarr's hand-made costumes and weapons decorate the walls.
On the ground floor there are two more rooms.  This one below is the Jarl's Den.  It is decorated with horns, antlers many animal pelts, to include a full black bear.  There is even an example of one of his mother's Racoon Pecker Clocks.  That's a story in itself . . . you'll just have to go visit and ask!  
If you are interested in occupying a more feminine room, there is the Freya's Boudoir.  It would make the perfect room for a romantic weekend getaway.
Thor demonstrates the comfort to be found in Asgard.  There are two more, smaller rooms that can be rented.
We had a really good time during our visit, and hope to come again sometime, but coordinate for a party of friends so we can experience the full feast and murder mystery.  Anyone interested?

(Bring Your Own Crazy Viking)

I did!

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