Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Houston Nature Center

On Saturday, January 12th I returned to the Houston Nature Center with my two girls to give a flight demonstration with falconry birds.  I had given an educational talk about falconry at the end of the summer, but at that time could not fly them free.  I promised to set up a day when they were being flown, and invited those interested in being invited to sign a contact sheet.  Saturday was the day to give that demo.  The group above turned out on what was a very cold and windy day.  Thank you again to Sue for sharing these pictures.  We flew Sassy first there at the HNC.  We did kick out a couple bunnies for her from the marsh, but she was suffering from the very cold temperature, and did not perform very well.  I did not fly her very long.
We relocated to another place in Houston to fly Hit Girl.  She is much less effected by the cold, and was in a sharp mood.  A couple bunnies were kicked up for her, and in a nice stoop, and thanks to the quick hands of Hank who was along, a bunny was caught.  Normally she knows to catch them by the head, but this bunny was grabbed as it tried to duck into a brush pile.  Hank was fast to leap in and prevent her from losing the grip on the back side.  Thanks Hank!!

After another relocation Dave's Ace was flown, then Hank's Bug, and last Dave's Hawquila.  We had a cinematographer along who took digital film, and has promised a link to his work once he has it edited.  When that is available, I'll link here on this posting.

A couple days later, in Spring Grove, Hit Girl made very short work of her opportunity, and brought #30 head of game to the bag.  It was a squirrel.  That is, #30 total between her and Sassy.  Each actually is at about 15 each.  They have filled up the freezer with plenty of food for the summer, and we still have a bit more time before the season ends.

And I now have the link to the digital clips. Thank you to Bill Huseth for sharing his work.  There are three clips for our hunts that day.

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