Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Sassy Rooter

It's been very cold up here recently in Minnesota (and Wisconsin, and Iowa, and Illinois).  It has limited the days I can take Sassy out hunting, as she just can't tolerate the temperature if it drops much below the 20s.  Last week we had a temperate day, and I wanted to fly her.  Rich and I ended up taking her to the park in St. Charles.  There are squirrels there.  Also, I saw lots of bunny sign . . . but where the heck those bunnies were hiding, I never discovered.  There was little to no brush, and I never saw any holes.  Either way, we never flushed any bunnies.  After our unsuccessful walk in the woods I was just about ready to call it quits and get going home, when we came across a single squirrel in a tree by the car.  This tree was rather isolated from the trees around it, offering the squirrel very few options for escape.  We gave chase . . . and here is a short video.

It's not exactly the most glamorous squirrel catch, but it resulted in a warm lunch for Sassy.

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