Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Perch Potato

As I said in the last post . . . it's been very cold up here in the Upper Midwest.  The last two nights it has been sub-zero temps, with winchills into the -20s and -30s.  On Monday night I decided to bring Sassy into the house, and let Hit Girl have her mews.  I'm very glad that I did!!  Last night the heater in the hawk shack stopped working.  It was about 9 degrees in there this morning . . . which would have been dangerously too cold for Sassy if she had been in there.  Instead, I tethered her to a portable bow perch in our downstairs room with an old carpet underneath.  She made a lot of noise until it got late, and dark, but with every step into the kitchen above, or flush of the toilet (water in the pipes below) she would start squawking again.

I'm leaving her inside again tonight.  We used the warranty on the heater and replaced it today, but I want to let it run for 24 hours to make sure its working good.  Also, on Wednesday it is supposed to warm up a little bit . . . a very little bit.  Sassy continues to be restless in the basement.  She doesn't have much to look at (her mews has windows).  So in an effort to give her some kind of stimulation . . . I turned the TV on for her.  I'm encouraging my bird to be a perch potato.

So what channel did I turn it to??

Animal Planet . . . of course!  There was a show on about snakes.  How fitting!

I called and chatted with Justin.  He said he had his bird inside in his downstairs area as well . . . watching TV with his kids.  I guess we were both thinking the same way.

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