Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Bunny

It was an early morning wake up for me this Christmas day.  I wanted to fly at least one of the birdies before we had to get cleaned up and dressed and go for family dinner over at one of Rich's sister's house.  I had wanted to fly Hit Girl . . . but despite the fact that over the weekend she seems to have burned her calories fairly reliably, she didn't do so yesterday and last night.  She was way over flight weight, and unsafe to fly.  I tied her out in the fresh air and sunshine, hoping maybe later in the day she could be flown . . . but even then she was still too fat.  She was put into her mews, with just a little food to hold her over through Monday, and will be taken out on Tuesday.  The squirrels got the day off.
Sassy was way above flight weight too . . . but it just doesn't seem to matter with this girl.  She was taken out, took commanding perches, followed well, and snatched up the first bunny we kicked up within 10 minutes into our hunt.  If it had been any other day, I would have traded her off and kept going . . . however we were expected for lunch, and I had stuff to do before we left, so an end to the day's fun in the field was declared, she was fed up and we went home.
This is Number 5 for the Sass.  She really is quite a great bird!  This was not a great holiday for the bunny . . . but the start of a fun day for us.  The remaining day was spent feasting and hanging out with Rich's family.  They are a game playing group . . . always fun.

OK . . . gotta go to work tomorrow . . . so better get to bed.

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