Friday, December 9, 2011

Sprague Woods

WHEW . . . finally my 6-day work stint is done.  12-hour a day schedule for six days can wear a gal down . . . especially if it's busy . . . and it has been the last couple nights.  So was great to get out for a little walk today, even though I was pretty tired.  Hit Girl was on fire and got to business right away.  We were not in the woods we were working much more than 10 minutes and she had a squirrel.  Rich's brother was along so got a picture of Mr. Russian Hat and I . . . usually Rich is behind the camera.  Sprague Woods is minus one squirrel after today.
I don't have as tight field control over this gal like I did with Bailey last year.  When hunting, she is very reluctant to come to my fist for a tidbit.  She seems to be saying "Heck with those tiny bits of food you have, let's catch something bigger".  She does have instant response to the lure, so I'm not too worried, so do focus getting to hunting . . . which is what we are supposed to be doing.  However, today she demonstrated a behavior that she does manifest from time to time, and which is sooooo appropriate for her name sake.  I'll offer a tidbit and call her.  She will fly at me with incredible speed and force, and strike my fist, and keep going.  Sometimes she grabs what I'm offering, most times she does not, as I'm holding onto it.  She is definitely "HIT" girl . . . even if the name was given to her before I observed this behavior.  Just as long as she never starts hitting me in the head.
Got Blood?

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