Wednesday, December 14, 2011

News Flash

We interrupt your regularly scheduled blog about Falconry in Rural Minnesota to bring you a very important Public Service Message regarding . . .

Flannel Bed Sheets

They are VERY warm and cozy . . . especially on cold Northern nights.

I grew up in Texas where we had more of a concern to bleed off heat, than to conserve it.  I've always used cotton sheets, which are nice and cool in hot weather, but not so great in cold weather.  Crawling into a fresh bed always takes an effort to warm everything up before settling in for sleep.  Well . . . my husband kept telling me we should put the flannel sheets on the bed.  I was skeptical . . . I equate flannel to stuffy, and static, so resisted.  Well, finally last week I pulled out his set of flannel sheets and put them on the bed.  Ooooooo . . . I admit to being very wrong!  They are soft and static-free, and oh so warm without needing several blankets on top.  I'm sold!

Tonight we were at a store looking at other things.  They had flannel sheets on sale . . . so we purchased a new set . . . a Moose motif set.  Fitting as a moose proposed to me, and essentially brought me to this bed that has the flannel sheets.

OK . . . we now return you to your regularly scheduled squirrel and rabbit killing.

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