Friday, February 17, 2012

Flying for Tali

On Thursday Rich and I and the Girls met up with a young lady from Madison and her husband. The Girls flew nicely for their own paparazzi, as Tali and Colin have several very nice cameras, but unfortunately all they got to see was a lot of flying.  Sassy got a quick flight on a single rabbit, a single squirrel (which quickly ducked into a hole), and gave the most excitement on a mouse chase, which she still didn't catch. Hit Girl just went out for a nice flight, as we found NOTHING while she was out. But each girl got good exercise, and Tali and Colin were delighted in the experience. I must say, I'm delighted in the video they made!

Tali enjoying her first face to face with a hawk.
Colin looking at Sassy, and Sassy looking back . . . only Colin was recording the event.
Thanks for contacting me and coming out with the Girls!

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