Thursday, February 2, 2012

Sprague Woods #2

Today was the first day off after my most recent 5-day work stint.  It was a big time catch up on laundry, and pick up the messy place, and get some things done that I've not had time to do.  I tied both birds outside, as it is unseasonably "warm" . . . meaning high 30s.  Hit Girl was not only at weight, but a bit below, so sharp and ready to go.  Sassy is closer to the flight weight I had been working her at early in the year, but still higher than usual, but was strangely stubborn and not very responsive today.  We flew her first, after she decided to "walk" over my head when I was putting her transmitter on, and gave me a really good scratch to my nose which bled and bled for awhile.  We did manage to flush a single bunny for her, which she made a go at, but she missed it, and it got away.  With her lack of enthusiasm to come to my fist when called, I fed her up and put her away.

I was able to finally catch someone at home at a house across the street from a patch of woods I've had my eye on.  Turns out, they didn't own the land, but the folks down at the end of the street.  So we went there, and was given permission, for all the good it did us.  Rabbit sign, but a huge junk pile they have been living under for a long time.  No squirrel sign at all.  So Rich and I relocated to the Sprague Woods in Caledonia.  We went there the last time I had a long work stint, to good results.  Well, Hit Girl got right down to business, and saw and chased several squirrels.  All three of us were moving in different directions, so Rich was not nearby to see the catch.  Neither was I, but at least I saw it at a distance.  She ambushed a couple squirrels at the top of one of the trees, and actually knocked one of them off the tree.  As it fell to the ground, she tucked herself to have fast momentum, and was there at the bottom to snag it up.  So, no videos this time, just a picture.  That's one big male squirrel that won't be fathering any babies this spring.

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