Tuesday, February 28, 2012

It Was Just a Walk

Recently Richard and I were invited to fly the Girls for one of his co-workers, Karen Lewis, and her family.  Karen lives on top of one of the bluffs overlooking Winona.  We had dropped by her home previously, making a meat delivery (Rich's family raise beef cattle, and do sell the processed meat from time to time).  Behind their house looked like promising woods, and I speculated that it might be a good place to try out.  Karen was just obliging us.  Here above her son is checking out Hit Girl up close.
The walk was pleasant enough, but just didn't provide too many flight opportunities.  A couple squirrels were found, but just a couple, and the area was fairly widespread, allowing for very distributed population disbursal.  The field also tended to end abruptly over a steep incline . . . it was on top of the bluff after all.  Not having any wings, I didn't want to push it too hard that the Girls would spot something further down that I would have been powerless to follow them to.  Above Karen gets a closer look.
After flying Hit Girl on top of the bluff, we moved down into Winona to try out a marshy area I've seen, but never walked.  It looked good, but that was all it did . . . no prey was found.  Well, Sassy thought maybe she had seen a mouse, and maybe she had, but it was not caught.  So I called her to the lure, and let Karen's son have a chance to give her a tidbit on his glove.  It was mostly just a day for flying.  Karen and a couple of their daughters also brought their cameras, so maybe some day I'll get to see a few of those pictures.  Karen is an artist and has painted several water colors from pictures Richard has taken.  We have a few of them (in storage) which will grace our walls again, someday, when we get our own place.

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