Monday, February 6, 2012


Falconry is my passion!  That is . . . Hawking is my passion!

I have pursued other hobbies in my life, but nothing has so captured my imagination, or motivated me to make the effort to continue in this activity like hawking has.  I have no illusions of my abilities.  I am just an average falconer.  There are others I have had the pleasure to meet who pursue it with far more expertise and skill.  I do not anticipate ever "moving on" to take up a falcon or an accipiter, with the only possible exception being either another kestrel, or maybe some day a merlin.  Where I live is perfectly suited for "dirt hawking", and that gives me plenty of pleasure!

However, I do openly enjoy sharing my enthusiasm for this sport . . . and for that reason I created this blog and maintain it as an open forum.  I also seldom pass up any opportunity to share my love of my birds with others, to tell them about the sport, and to show off my birds.  I enjoy proselytizing for the sport . . . the appreciation for those who have no interest to pursue it, and the infecting of those who might.  Increasingly my blog is being noticed, and I frequently get contacted from people in the public.  As much as I am able I try to meet these inquiries with enthusiastic replies.

Recently I was contacted by a young man who has had a lifelong interest in wildlife, and with raptors in particular.  We chatted over e-mail a bit, and Facebook, and then arranged a meet-up.  He is not in a good place in his life right now to take up falconry, however I could go a long way towards answering his questions and setting him down the path towards the goal.
Richard and I met up with Brandon and the youngest of his daughters Charli.  I let him hold both hawks (which I know is something a prospective falconer WANTS to do . . . because I wanted to do this when I started).  He was absolutely thrilled.  Hit Girl was particularly interested in Charli's coat . . . I guess maybe the fluffy lining looked a little like some prey animal, so we made sure Brandon had a really good hold on her leash.
Brandon was invited to come to the Wisconsin Falconers Meet where he would have a chance to see many of the Wisconsin falconers fly their birds.  He planned to try and make it around his other responsibilities that weekend. 

So Brandon . . . interested????

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