Thursday, February 7, 2013

Hunting with the Other Justin

This morning, Thursday February 7th, Rich and I accepted the invite of his co-worker to fly on his land.  I know a Justin . . . he's my apprentice.  Rich always qualifies his comments when "his" Justin has told him something, for he works with someone named Justin as well.  Justin has access to a nice patch of woods which does have bunnies and squirrels.  The snow is getting deep, so it was a bit of work to push the critters around, but at the far end of the field (of course), under a thick patch of brush, we managed to push out a bunny, and in a spectacular flight and a strong whack against the log it was diving under, Hit Girl caught her bunny. 
Here I am with Justin.  You can see how deep the snow is all around.
Because someone else was along to get our picture together, here is Rich and I.  After this picture we began the long slog back to Justin's house.  Each one of all three of us took our turn carrying Hit Girl, because I was getting tired of carrying her.

Later in the day we flew Sassy in the Rochester area.  We did meet up with a young man who contacted me through Couchsurfing.  Only after we parted ways did I realize we hadn't taken a picture.  Sorry Michael!  It was nice to meet you, and I'm glad you got to see a hawk fly.  Wish she had caught more than a mouse, but she did try several times.  I hope the rest of your trip here in Minnesota is good.

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