Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Quick Spring Grove Squirrel

It was a pretty quick hunt on Monday with Hit Girl at the park in Spring Grove.  We had come to the farm to do laundry . . . still need to connect my own machines at home (after we sand and repaint the walls . . . which is why we are delayed).  Hit Girl was at a very good weight, and it shows.  She doesn't play around when properly motivated to hunt.  She worked hard and quick for her squirrel.  I decided to also put this one away, clean it good, and we are going to have it as our dinner on Tuesday night.  I've never tried squirrel.  Maybe it will taste better than rabbit.


A short while later we flew Sassy at the farm.  We kicked up several squirrels that were foraging in their back lot.  This lot is very brushy and overgrown, with way too many piles of old rusting farm equipment.  Bunnies there are to be had here . . . but they are impossible to kick out, so well protected by all the junk.  However, the squirrels ran for the trees.  Sassy got some good exercise trying to catch them.  She too was at a very good weight for hunting today . . . motivated.  Her first squirrel was lost when it ducked into the ventilation hood of one of the old tractor tops.  While poking around where it had hidden, we found a huge stash of nuts.  The tree rat was tucked in good and safe . . . we could not move it out.  It whistled and called in alarm, but was unreachable. 

A second squirrel was isolated in a set of two trees, and was almost caught two times as it rushed down the tree, right over my head, with Sassy in hot pursuit.  My being there, with my raised stick, I think impeded her progress and caused her to miss.  Finally the squirrel threw all caution to the wind and raced down the tree to duck under the row of old rusty cars.  Sassy followed into the cab, and then below the cars, but I know the squirrel had made good it's escape.  We finished up her hunt, giving her a chance to chase the pigeons in the barn.  She is very interested in them, but just not fast enough to catch them.  Maybe next year, with the help of a speedy little tiercel Harris Hawk.

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