Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Pretty Bench

I have a wonderful husband!

Upstairs, in one of our rooms, I've established my primping corner.  I used to primp in my bathroom, prior to coming to live on the farm, and way before we bought our home, but the space in the bathroom at the farm did not make this possible.  At the farm there was an open guest room, with a vanity, and so the habit was started to do my hair . . . and vary rarely make-up . . . at a vanity.  It has become a comfortable habit!  When we moved to our new home, I set about to find a vanity to continue the practice.  Rich found me a nice old vanity with a mirror on an auction, which he won fairly inexpensively, but it did not come with a chair.  I've been using one of our dining room chairs, but really wanted a bench.  When I mentioned this recently, as I was looking over a different auction to see if anything available would do, Rich went looking for a bench for me.  This is what he found on Craigs List.
Isn't it Pretty!  I think it might be an old piano bench, or something like that.  The lady selling it said she found it herself at an antique store some time ago, and that she was selling it for a heck of a lot less than what she bought it for, but that she needed to clear some space in her home.  We purchased it for $30.  It is exactly what I was looking for.  It's really solid and sturdy.

Anyway, the reason I mention this is that when we went to pick it up, it required a drive up to to a little town near the Twin Cities.  I packed up the hawks as I hoped to find some place to try to fly them.  After the bench transaction, I had Rich stop at a place that had a brushy spot that looked really good.  Oh . . . Was It!  I really love it when I find a little gem like this.  Unfortunately, it is a fair distance from my home, so most likely will not get visited again unless I make an effort to do so.  There was rabbit sign all over the place as we entered the field with Sassy.  Here is a clip with a quick catch of her first bunny right at the beginning.  It happened so quickly, I traded her off, and we kept hunting.  Rich then spliced together a clip near the end of our hunt, probably about 45 minutes later.  If you watch the whole clip, you'll also see a good example of the hazards of bunny hunting in late winter.  Rich trips on unseen snow covered branches, falling, and sending the GoPro flying.  He regains his footing in time for the second catch.

It was a pretty good day for hawking for Sassy!

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